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Related Solutions Data Science Consulting Services.
Application develo pm ent.
Cyber Security.
Cloud Migration .

Insurance Insurance Software Development Services

Boosting the efficiency, profitability and safety of the insurance sector through innovative insurance software solutions .
#1 According to PwC risk facing global insurance industry is technology modernization We’ll Help You Safeguard data stor age and file sharing with Cloud and Blockchain.

Harness the Cloud’s scalable architecture and adopt Blockchain to secure transactions

prevent fraud and reduce admin costs through automated third-party data verification.

We deploy distributed Hyperledger

private IPFS, Node.js, LDAP, KeyVault, AWS and Alibaba to support global security requirements and enable trusted file sharing.

Optimise CAT modelling and manage risks in real time

We’ll help you adopt AI-driven mobile technology that enables real-time risk assessment

while refining your catastrophe modelling software and enabling agile pricing to mitigate losses.
Our data science team can provide advanced fraud analytics and automated risk management – beneficial for property and inland marine insurance firms.
Harness data analytics for smarter decision making.
The ELEKS team helps carriers, brokers, MGAs and MGUs to unlock the potential of legacy data and exploit real-time analytics to m ak e better financial decisions.
We utilise advanced capital modelling and dynamic financial analyses for capital markets, .

While improving performance and deploying top-level security through VPC

Modernise your frontend and speed up claims handling.
We help insurance providers actively engage clients and drive traffic to their platforms by streamlining smart carrier/broker portals, .

AI-powered intelligent chatbots and mobile apps

We create simple and efficient architecture that tracks losses and behavioural patterns to keep your loss ratios profitable and your clients happy.
Au tom ate underwriting process.
We build digital ecosystems that empower underwriters to do what matters most : offer exceptional customer experience and promote constantly expanding book of business.
We develop underwriting platforms that flawlessly connect risk assessment and claims handling tools to ensure a fair and lightning-fast underwriting process.
Bolster cybersecurity and compliance .
51% of insurance firms cite compliance and data protection as a concern, according to Deloitte.

Our clients never fail an audit

We help identify system vulnerabilities , develop mitigation plans and train your in-house talent to uphold security, long after we deliver.
Partner with us for a safer, more profitable insurance business.
Contact Us Keep your compliance on track ELEKS’ Compliance Automation Platform allows highly regulated sectors like insurance consolidate and automate all their compliance efforts.
Reduce the total cost of compliance , resolve issues and manage changes in regulations across your entire value chain.
What We Do Research and consulting We’ll partner with you to understand the unique needs of your insurance business, then we’ll help you test boundary-pushing ideas and verify whether your vision equates to value – for you and your clients.
We’ll then do cum ent the outcomes so they’re straightforward to replicate, as and when you’re ready.
Business analysis and requirements management Our extensive experience in the Insurtech sector allows us to unpack even the most complex business requirements.
So, we can help you build a roadmap that sets crystalline goals for achieving flawless product development and delivery.
Custom software solutions We’ll work collaboratively with you to define your project-level architecture, including design, infrastructure and data architecture.
We’ll then move on to establish a robust product development life cycle that guarantees seamless and fast delivery.
Technologies Data Science/Big Data processing Analytics and visualisation Predictive modelling Platforms and microservices Cloud Internet of Things Mobile Blockchain Our Success An Enterprise Suite for the Financial Services Industry.

Building a Corporate Tokenisation Solution on Blockchain

Secure Document Transfer Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts

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Hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform


Software Solutions ClaimVantage provides global insurance carriers

TPAs, and large employers with industry-leading software for managing life, health and absence claims efficiently and securely.
Built on Salesforce, our highly configurable and intuitive cloud-native software is developed and updated by industry experts, providing you with regular enhancement s to keep on top of market changes and industry developments.
Our solutions are fully integrated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, helping you minimize fraud, streamline operations, and improve productivity, while saving on implementation costs.
How Can You Benefit from our.

Software Solutions Speed to Market

The ClaimVantage software solution s are designed to provide you with a robust software solution, which is configurable throughout the life cycle of a claim.
We do the coding on the back end, so you don’t have to.
Learn more about our approach to product development .  This flexibility provides you with a more cost-effective way to make changes to your business, without relying on internal IT.
For example, self-service workflows empower your systems administrator s to edit or add new workflow sets to automate processes, quickly and effectively without IT assistance.
New lines of business can be easily configured to support the growth of your business .

Leverage the Salesforce Ecosystem

Our software solutions are native to the Salesforce Lightning Platform

Both ClaimVantage and Salesforce roll out software releases 3 times a year

so not only do you get a best-in-class claim management platform, but you can leverage Salesforce’s innovative products as well as other enterprise applications available on the AppExchange.
Efficient Claim Management .
Reduce operational effort and increase efficiency by an average of 30% using our range of software solutions .
Our software solutions digitally transform your business by: Removing paper files from the claims process.
Replacing manual workarounds with automated workflows and tasks.
Reducing the number of systems a claim assessor must access.
Better Flow of Information.
Claim management software often sits in the back office, supporting the product, sales, and customer service teams.
To ensure this ecosystem is in sync, we provide integration with external technology systems, improving the flow of information throughout your business.
Hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, our software solutions leverage the underlying architecture to easily integrate with your external systems using APIs.

Data can be imported or exported to ClaimVantage

ensuring all information can be accessed in one central location.
Depending on the volume of data and the frequency of change, we can recommend the best type of integration for you and your business.  Empowered Decision Making.
Everything your team needs to process claims is accessible on one platform, empowering them to make better decisions, in a more timely manner.
Our claimant-centric solution provides all claimant information on one screen, improving the customer experience.
Our built-in online help and end-user documentation ensure new team members are onboarded quickly and have access to everything they need to effectively administer claims.
Data-driven Insights.
A key strength of the underlying Salesforce platform is its reporting and dashboards capability.
Although each of our products has a number of pre-configured reports, the easy-to-use interface allows you to create ad-hoc reports using drag and drop capability.
Reports can be created to filter and summarize data in real-time.
To further improve your business insights, you can save and share reports and dashboards with other users, according to specified permission sets.
Reduced Cost of Ownership.
Moving to a multi-tenant platform reduces both short-term and long-term costs.
Implementation costs for cloud-based technology can work out as much as 60% less than a traditional installation.  And with no in-house data servers to maintain, you will see extensive cost savings long term.
Claim Management Claims Absence Management Absence Accommodation Management Accommodations IDAM IDAM You’ve Got to See It.
To Believe It.

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2020 Video update from Axletree President and CEO


Recognizing the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Axletree Solutions has activated the relevant portions of its Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
This is to protect the well-being of its employees and their families and to ensure that our Clients will enjoy their usual services in terms of connectivity, support, security, resiliency and all other aspects of our services .
April 16, 2020 COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity Plan.
Update 3 – April 13, 2020 Video update from Axletree President and CEO, Mohan Murali regarding COVID-19 and upcoming digital events.
Mohan will be hosting an AMA session on April […] April 14, 2020 Payments (Real-Time Payments, GPI), Integration, Connectivity (SWIFT), .

And Treasury Automation AMA Session

October 18, 2019 Axletree Solutions Hits Double Digit Growth in 2019.
North Brunswick, New Jersey, October 18, .

2019 — Axletree Solutions Poised to Finish the Year Strong with 40% YOY Growth

Axletree Solutions is the leading provider of SaaS bank communication […] October 4, 2019 Kemal Batu Joins Axletree Solutions as Director of Bank Connectivity Solutions.

Kemal Batu has joined Axletree Solutions as the Director of Bank Connectivity Solutions

responsible for business development and account management efforts on the Western part of the United States and […] August 2, 2019 Is a SWIFT Service Bureau a Good Option for Your Company or Bank?.
With more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, I have the advantage of working in both sides of the market, as a customer who connects to SWIFT […] May 16, 2019 Which Transaction Monitoring Software is Right for My Institution?.
Compliance So many banking professional s struggle with this question every year; is my transaction monitoring software adequate.

For those banks chartered in New York the question is even more daunting

as […] April 3, 2019 Gauging Value from Your Banking Relationships.
Treasury Management Solutions Building banking relationship s that fit your corporate structure and requirements is one of the key expectations of the treasury team.
Managing these banking relationship s have several benefits that keep your […] February 5, 2019 Axletree Solutions is a Proud Founding Member of the U.
Faster Payments Council.

For Immediate ReleaseJanuary 2019 – North Brunswick

New Jersey.

Axletree Solutions is proud to be a founding member of the U

Faster Payments Council (FPC).
The FPC is “Driven by […] July 12, 2018 SWIFT 7.2 In-House Infrastructure Upgrade.
SWIFT 7.2 In-House Infrastructure Upgrade Author: Benjamin Haws ([email protected])  Our Professional Services Team receives many questions about the upgrade to the SWIFT 7.2 environment, its process, and its alternatives.
Prior to moving forward […] Page 1 of 3 1 23».

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