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Directory listings  Conn3ct.

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Artificial  Intelligence , Benchmarking, Cloud Solutions, Consultancy, Contact Centre Satisfaction, Contact Centre Technology, Customer Communications, Customer Experience, Managed Services, Multi-Channel Solutions, PCI DSS, Performance Management, Proactive Customer Contact, Process Analysis, Process Automation, Quality Management, Quality Monitoring/Reporting, Salesforce Management, Skill Based Routing, Strategic Planning, Surveys, Technology, Virtual Agents & Chatbots, Web Self Service, Workforce Management, Workforce Optimisation.
Conn3ct is a trusted advisor that draws on over 30 years of knowledge and experience to solve complex communications challenges in three areas: Unified Communications, Contact Centres, and  Network Services .
Our truly vendor-agnostic capability allows us to build completely bespoke solutions for  your business .
We deliver end-to-end digital  transformation  by refining your people, processes, and technology.
Our people are our key  differentiator .
Their extensive knowledge and experience will guide you seamlessly through the  transformation  journey to ensure it is painless and cost-effective.
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Posted on 31 August 2018                   Tags.
Call Centre.
Connect Managed Services.
Contact Centre.
Contact Information.
Address 8th Floor, City Place House, 55 Basinghall Street, London.
United Kingdom.
Phone 0207 950 3200.
Email  [email protected]
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