Vipul introduced me to Taskwarrior

I’ve been using ToDo.txt for several years now

I wrote about it HERE.
It allows me to manage my task list from the command line, which is where I spend a lot of my time already.
Yesterday, Vipul introduced me to Taskwarrior, and I’m switching.

Everything I said about ToDo.txt is still the case with Taskwarrior

but it offers so much more with exactly the same ease of use.
The only thing missing from Taskwarrior that ToDo.txt has is the ability to sync the task data to an Android device.
But it turns out that I almost never use that feature anyway, so no great loss.
In addition to what I was already doing (t add to add a task, t done to mark it done) I get reporting, recurring events, and task interdependence, .

Three things that I always felt were missing from Todo.txt

I recommend you have a look at Taskwarrior if you

like me, use the command line a lot, and are looking for a full-featured task manager.

Club preparations for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Executive Committee have confirmed that the club will follow Government advice concerning the outbreak of COVID-19, .

Currently there are no restrictions imposed on the use of WSC or its activities

We have posted notices at the entrances to WSC highlighting that we have a number of members vulnerable to the effects of COVD-19 and reminding members of the official government advice, these notices will be updated as the government advice changes.
Handwash for 20 seconds on arrival at WSCUse sanitising gel (where available) only as a fallbackCover your mouth if you cough or sneezeThen dispose of tissues used and wash your handsIf you have cold or flu symptoms please do not visit the clubSelf-Isolate at home if you think you might have COVID-19 or could be a contact risk We will update this information as appropriate.

For further information visit the NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) web site

we managed to nab Finish Line Games and Vladdy

TORONTO, CANADA – September 12, 2017 – Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for.
MAIZE, everybody’s favourite corn-fueled absurdist first-person puzzler adventure is back and it’s stalked its way onto PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
To celebrate this exciting scientific achievement, we managed to nab Finish Line Games and Vladdy.

One of MAIZE’s colourful cast of characters

for their thoughts on the launch.
Vladdy: You mean hero.
Vladdy is game hero.
Finish Line Games: Well, technically the player’s the hero.

Vladdy: Is player star in front of camera

Does player have strong robot arm.
Player only walk around.
Vladdy does all the talking.
Vladdy is hero.

FLG: Uh… that’s not the definition of first-person

The player’s the one behind the camera.
And now they’re moving with a controller.
It’s safe to say they’re in control.

Vladdy: Camera is always on Vladdy

But of course Vladdy very charming

FLG: (shaking heads) Ignore him

We try to.
We couldn’t be more excited to see MAIZE making it’s way onto PlayStation®4 and Xbox One today.

The story’s perfectly suited for the couch and- Vladdy: Yes

This Vladdy’s story.

Lazy console gamers on couch will laugh at idiot corn and cheer for Vladdy

They want to be Vladdy, but not even console allow that.
FLG: (shaking heads, again)We’re proud of the absurdity of the adventure and we worked hard to create authentic sentient corn- Vladdy: Corn look silly.
They are idiots.
FLG: As you can see, .

It’s not exactly easy living with Vladdy

He said it was only temporary– Vladdy: Vladdy work odd jobs on side to pay for world travels so Vladdy out of hair.

Vladdy not even get royalty cheques

FLG: Yeah, maybe we can cut that last part.
Probably not the best note to go out on.
We do have a launch trailer, though.
You should definitely check that out to get in the mood for some good old fashioned adventuring.
MAIZE is available today on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for $19.99 USD.
As a limited time launch offer, PS+ and Xbox Gold Members can take advantage of 25% off their purchase of MAIZE for 2 weeks.

MAIZE is also available now on PC through Steam

the Humble Store and GOG.
For more information follow @FinishLineGames on Twitter, or visit About Finish Line Games Finish Line Games is an independent studio based in Toronto and it makes things called “video games.” Caution is advised when approaching members of Finish Line Games’ team before 9 a.m.
ET, unless it is with coffee.
People should consult with a doctor, lawyer, spiritual advisor, chiropractor, and the nice old lady who lives on the corner but has too many cats before consuming any Finish Line Games products (FDA approval pending).
The post Maize is out on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, .

Vladdy indifferent appeared first on Finish Line Games


Doug Palmer,Montreal,who is originally from Windsor,N.S

Mike Campbell still playing hockey at 90

(CTV News Screenshot) “Mike Cambell

90 years old of New Waterford, Nova Scotia still to this very day straps on the gear and laces up the skates in scheduled Old-Timers hockey games in Cape Breton.
He could very well be the oldest active hockey player,not only in Nova Scotia..but all of Canada.
Initial research by Danny Dill, (Long Pond,Windsor,N.S.), so far seems to support this amazing Canadian hockey feat.To date, Dill has learned that the next two closest “oldest” active hockey players are both 88 years of age: Mr.Al Peppard from Middleton,N.S.
and Mr.
Doug Palmer,Montreal,who is originally from Windsor,N.S.
We will be sure to update as we learn more in the quest for the “Grand-Daddy of Canadian Hockey”.

This story was originally reported by ATV news Jan 5

2016.  To read the story and view the video visit: Atlantic CTV News Cape Breton Man Still Playing at 90.