Dyna at IDS Cologne 2019 January 31

» Europerio Europerio Congresses & exhibitions .
In June 2018 you can find Dyna Dental on the European Federation of Periodontology in Amsterdam.
We hope to see you there.
Congresses & exhibitions .
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Dyna at IDS Cologne 2019 January 31, 2019.
Dyna office closing dates December 4, 2018.

Renewal Cerfiticates CE and ISO-13485 July 27

VIT Event 2018 June 7, 2018.
Dyna at congresses & exhibitions .

Dyna at AEEDC Dubai March 9


Dyna and ATFC at congress Italy March 8


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Every Effect Monster in the theme is a 2000 ATK Machine

/ Yu-Gi-Oh.

Sealed Yugioh: Genesis Impact Booster Case (12 Boxes)

translation missing: en.general.social.alt_text.share_on_facebook translation missing: en.general.social.alt_text.share_on_twitter Yugioh: Genesis Impact Booster Case (12 Boxes).
Out Of Stock!.
We will notify you when this product becomes available.
Available on: Regular price $922.12 1 in stock   – + Sealed – $922.12 Add to Cart

Booster Box Els PW 11836 Genesis Impact Pre-Order preorder Rise of the Duelist Yugioh Description .
This is a Pre-Order.

Genesis Impact Releases December 4th

We will ship your order on the release date of December 4th, 2020.
For more information please see our pre-order policy.
https://duelkingdom.ca/pages/pre-order-policy Master three brand-new Deck strategies while keeping you r eyes peeled for Collector’s Rares in December’s new 60-card booster set,  Genesis Impact.
Aleister, Verre, Endymion…you know their names, but how well do you  really  know them?  Genesis Impact  delves deep into the secret history of some of Dueling’s most famous Spellcasters.
To get the full story you’ll need to manage Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Summoning, all in the same Deck.
[We’ve restricted access to this section .
Can’t have our secret gettin’ out, ya know.
See ya in December!] Finally, flip the script on Ritual Summoning with a new theme that can Ritual Summon nearly every Ritual Monster in the game from your hand  or Graveyard  by Tributing Machine monsters whose ATK equal or exceed that monster’s ATK.

The Levels don’t have to match at all

Every Effect Monster in the theme is a 2000 ATK Machine, so it’s easy to meet the requirements of whatever Ritual Monster you want to Summon.
Combine those two monsters’ ATK and Ritual Summon the 4000 ATK Ritual Monster to get yourself started.
Genesis Impact  follows the same rarity distribution and cards-per-pack contents as  Toon Chaos, .

So be on the lookout for 15 new Collector’s Rares

The complete  Genesis Impact  booster set contains 60 cards: 10 Ultra Rares

15 Super Rares.
35 Rares.

*15 cards in the set are also available as Collector’s Rares

Each booster pack contains 7 cards: 1 Foil card per pack

6 Rare cards per pack.
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View this Product Pre Order Pokémon TCG : Sword & Shield — Vivid Voltage Booster Box $141.58 Pre Order Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield — Vivid Voltage Booster Box View this Product Pre Order Yugioh: Genesis Impact Booster Box $84.06 Pre Order Yugioh: Genesis Impact Booster Box.

Unity 4.1 brings you full multi-screen AirPlay support

Posts Tagged ‘AirPlay’.
Unity 4.1, Apple TV, AirPlay and the New Consoles.
Thursday, March 14th, 2013 Unity 4.1 is out.

Although this blog appears to have become a release watch for Unity

it is because Unity has been nailing it.
Apple TV AirPlay  This 4.1 update that brings AirPlay to Unity games is a big leap in the new consoles allowing many more games to easily stream to the big screen.
AirPlay support.
Unity 4.1 brings you full multi-screen AirPlay support.
iOS device users running version 4.3 or later can use AirPlay to stream content direct to their HDTV.
What’s more, with AirPlay, they can use their iPad or iPhone as a game controller – running and controlling the game from their iOS handheld device whilst watching the action unfold on the big screen.

Read more about Unity for iOS here

Apple TV and AirPlay streaming, Ouya, Steambox buzz and probably a Play.

Device soon (chromebox or buy up Oyua)

and more are bringing a big change to the openness of console/tv game development.
Everywhere games you take with you and new consoles really.
This is a huge change in that sea.
Native apps on the devices will also improve this new perception, as soon as Apple TV SDK is updated for apps (the other important part of this system) it will be a game changer for tv apps/games.
Apple is allegedly planning a special event for March that could introduce a software development kit (SDK) for the Apple TV, .

According to a research note to investors from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek

Basically, an SDK would allow developers to start submitting applications that would be optimized for your television screen and available for purchase via Apple TV.

It could be the start of a whole new era of TV — and even gaming — by some predictions

Just like chronically incorrect Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Misek is under the assumption that Apple will eventually release a television set

which is what the SDK would pave the way for.
He also expects the fabled Apple television set will have a screen size in the range of 42-inches to 55-inches that costs about $1,500.

And while Misek doesn’t expect Apple to mention the TV set at the rumored March event

he does anticipate that the Apple TV SDK will be available in September or October of this year.
Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/02/13/apple-tv-sdk-launch-date/#lXSIOTAYkr3qb6G8.99 AirPlay has always been possible and TV Out on Apple devices since they added it but Airplay for apps and games is a big change for consoles.
Having that easily accessible for many game developer s.

Regarding apps on the actual Apple TV device

hopefully Apple does launch the SDK this year and it isn’t false hope like before but when Unity3D adds support for AirPlay it gets interesting.
Lots of other games have this but it will be more common.
Gaming in your living room with tablets (essentially the WiiU) is becoming more a reality.
Lots of fun ideas for multiplayer , switching airplay streams for spectating and more.
Yes tablets and pads might be more expensive,  but the game markets are entirely different and tablets, phones, pods etc are all challenging both traditional console markets and traditional handheld markets and their pricing.
Get started in Unity 4.1 with some help from AngryAnt. AngryAnt’s DeviceDisplay sample on porting screen out to AirPlay in unity gist.

Unity also updated the Memory Profiler which is excellent

the profiling tools are getting better and in combination with XCode Profiling embedded is getting easier to iterate on.
Developers more than ever need to make multiplatform games and support iOS, Android, possibly Windows Phone +  new console markets and the web (html5/webgl/unity/flash) and desktop (Win/Mac) that exist and are still quite large.
Lots of opportunity ahead in disruption, Unity is in the apex.
Tags: AirPlay, , Apple TV, , , sdk, tv, , unity3d Posted in , | © 2007-2011 llc, *drawlogic, Ryan Christensen*drawlogic and.

Lost Ember – Official Teaser 2016

Lost Ember – Official Teaser 2016.
August 2016 Erst neulich hatte ich den Trailer von  THE FIRST TREE unter der Dozentenlupe.
Heute dann: Lost Ember.
Gefällt mir noch einen Ticken besser; nicht der Trailer an sich, sondern das Versprechen was einem gemacht wird: Gar keins.
Außer: Hübsch.
Und Tiere.
Und das langt für mich heute dicke.
With a wolf as your main character a determined companion will tell a story of loyalty, despair and betrayal that led to the fall of a whole world.

Kommt irgendwann und wird in den Hamburger Mooneye Studios zusammengeschraubt

Site: lostember.com.

← Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros -Wake Up The Sun

→ Make Money.
Mit Book of Ra!.
Chris Heil.
<- bloggt seit 2007. Liebt: Raketen, Edward Sharp & Norwegen.

– Viel Spaß hier ♥ Themen

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0Setting up an XBee ZigBee repeater

0Setting up an XBee ZigBee repeater.

Published 30th Apr 2020 by filed under SmartHome & IoT

Last updated 3rd May 2020.
As part of the gradu­al expan­sion of my smarthome (might as well do some­thing dur­ing lock­down right?) I decided to set up an XBee to improve the reach of my SmartTh­ing s hub.
Good inform­a­ti on for total begin­ners is a bit of a mis­sion to find so I thought I’d put togeth­er a basic sum­mary to start with.
Useful sources of information .
SmartTh­ings integ­ra­ti on thanks to “exile”.

The best “begin­ners guide” I could find by a long way — big kudos to “Ger­ald N”

Why an XBee.
I needed a Zig­Bee repeat­er.
I have sev­er­al Xiaomi Zig­Bee devices which don’t work well with most repeat­ers due to them not quite fol­low­ing the stand­ar ds corectly.
They do work with the Ikea Trad­fr i plugs which only cost £10 (kudos to Ikea!) so if you just need a cheap repeat­er then a Trad­fri plug is a good way to do it.

I have one and can con­firm it works well with Xiaomi kit

How­ever, I wanted a stronger repeat­er, and I also wanted to be able to see and mon­it­or my Zig­Bee mesh — both things that the XBee can do.
The final reas­on in my case was that I don’t want to click-and-col­lect from Ikea dur­ing lock­down but noth­ing was avail­able for deliv­ery soon­er than 30 days, .

Where­as the parts for an XBee were avail­able next day!The kit you need…

You need an XBee boardYou need a USB adapter to power (and pro­gram) the XBeeYou need a USB cable to con­nect the adapter (the adapter should come with one)You prob­ably want a case to keep the whole lot inI got all of the above in 2 simple pur­chases for a com­bined total of £31.35…I got the XB24CZ7WIT-004 Zig­Bee Mod­ule itself from RSCom­pon­ents in the UK for £18.36 (inc VAT and free deliv­ery).
This came next day in a neat little plastic box which is per­fect for keep­ing the whole setup in.
I got the USB adapter with cable from Amazon UK for £12.99to be con­tin­ued… Think we’ve missed something.
Let us know by commenting below.
If you would like to subscribe please use the subscribe link on the menu at the top right.
You can also share this with your friends by using the social links below.
repeater, tradfri, xbee, zigbee You might also like .

Samsung SmartThings — A smart home hub

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Домой Обучение Все тренинги .


Тренинг «Рowercenter: интеграция данных для разработчиков».
Пройдя данный тренинг, участники получат знания и навыки, необходимые для начала самостоятельной работы с продуктом Informatica PowerCenter 10X.Материал курса построен на основании уникальных материалов и методик разработанных компанией Informatica, мировым лидером в области интеграции данных.Слушатели познакомятся со средствами разработки, контроля и уп&#1088.
Создавать простые маппинги и workflow, запускать сессии ассоциированные с маппингами и управлять процессом загрузки данных;.
Извлекать данные из источников и выполнять необходимые трансформации при переносе их в приемник;.
Выполнять диагностику ошибок и выявлять их;.
Понимать принципы и основные методы оптимизации процессов.
Понимать и применять основные принципы оптимизации процессов.
Тренинг, в первую очередь, будет интересен:Разработчикам, .

Непосредственно работающим с продуктом Informatica PowerCenter;

Аналитикам и руководителям проектов, менеджерам по качеству, участвующим в проектах по управлению качеством данных;.
Квалифицированным специалистам, желающим понять суть работы систем автоматизирующих процессы стандартизации данных и желающих повысить свой профессиональный уровень.
Продолжительность тренинга составляет 4 дня (32 академических часа).
Скачать описание курса Записаться на курс.
Введите Email (обязательно) Ваше имя (обязательно) Ваша фамилия Номер телефона Ваше сообщение Даю согласие на обработку персональных данных.
Другие курсы.










div#stuning-header .dfd-stuning-header-bg-container {background-image: url(https://dis-group.ru/dis02/assets/uploads/2019/04/1005.jpg);background-color: transparent ;background-size: cover;background-position: top center;background-attachment: fixed;background-repeat: no-repeat;}#stuning-header div.page-title-inner {min-height: 500px;}div#stuning-header .dfd-stuning-header-bg-container.dfd_stun_header_vertical_parallax {-webkit-transform: -webkit-translate3d(0,0,0) !important;-moz-transform: -moz-translate3d(0,0,0) !important;-ms-transform: -ms-translate3d(0,0,0) !important;-o-transform: -o-translate3d(0,0,0) !important;transform: translate3d(0,0,0) !important;}         ​.

25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade – A Retrospective

July 24, .

2017 The World According to LARP — DGS Episode #50

If you have ever wanted to take your gaming immersion level one step further then the traditional table-top experience, then oh boy, it’s time to talk about LARPs.
That’s right and to help me get it straight, we have returning to the show, .

Nathan Siever and Robert Batton from the Utility Muffin Labs

So get ready to ratchet your game experience up a notch as we explore the world of live action role play.
Links… If you want to know more about Vampire: The Masquerade and how the game has changed over it’s various editions, be sure to check out Nate and Bob’s amazing podcast, 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade – A Retrospective , where they cover every book ever put out for the game.
Also check out their sister-podcast, Nerd Words Or just check out everything offered by the great Utility Muffin Labs And if you like what these guys are doing, help them out on the Patreon site.
Also don’t forget to check out Chris Korczak’s amazing online bookstore and use the discount code “DGS” for 10% off.
Looking for wicked miniatures, .

Check out some of Iron Wind Metals great miniatures

Want to find a good game store in the Chicagoland area

head on over to see what is offered by our friends at Grognard Games and Hobbies You can also find great out of print games and game editions at Noble Knight Games, and by using our link you support the Dead Games Society.
http://media.blubrry.com/dgsociety/p/traffic.libsyn.com/dgsociety/DGS_Episode_50-LARPs.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe : | The Art of the Game w/ David O.
Miller — DGS Episode #49 Dead Games Society Chapter 2 – DGS Episode #51 Leave a Reply Cancel reply.
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2015 updated LESS to Bootstrap 3.3.2

9th 2016 DevDmBootstrap3 Theme Update v1.80 Bootstrap 3.3.6.
, , , , , , , Tags: , , .

The long overdue update to Bootstrap 3.3.6 is here

Download DevDmBootstrap3 from the WordPress Themes Directory The depreciated method for initializing the bootstrap_custom_menu widget has been resolved as seen in this post forum the support form.
Thanks to user szilka for the help.
https://wordpress.org/support/topic/constructor-method-error Child Theme s have both been updated to 3.3.6 Download devdmbootstrap3-child.zip Download devdmbootstrap3-sasschild.zip 6 Comments Swatcher v1.4 – New Kirki and error fix.
, , , , , , Tags: , , I’ve updated the “Swatcher” to the latest version of and fixed the “empty object” error that was popping up on WordPress 4.3 installation s.
As a result the “Navigation” options in the customizer menu are now toward the bottom and called, .

“Menus.” Learn more about the over at the official blog post on the

One Comment.
4th March DevDmBootstrap3 child theme ‘cleanblog’ 1.5.
, , , , I’ve updated the child theme ‘cleanblog’ and upped the version number to 1.5.
There were a few things that were bugging me about the theme and I wanted to make sure the LESS was updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2 to take advantage of the new glyphicons.
I also fixed many bugs with the styles and made some aesthetic adjustments .
The complete list is below.
$4.99 –  Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart Learn More Change Log v1.5 – March 3, 2015 updated LESS to Bootstrap 3.3.2.
added post thumbnail (featured image) support to page.php, page-template-(fullwidth,leftcolumn and rightcolumn).
adjusted styles for widget boxes.
adjusted styles for top nav dropdowns.
fixed the topnav .active color text to be white.
targeted the a and a:hover styles to dmbs-content.

Added searchform.php to make it Bootstrap3 markup

Updated Screenshot to higher resolution

adjusted gallery style s.
added search logic to template-part-head.php to display results when a search is performed.
added author link to post meta.
added fallback theme support for the ‘title-tag’.
One Comment.
2nd March DevDmBootstrap Update v1.6 and some Blog Changes.
, , , , , , has been updated for about a week on Github to version 1.6 but the WordPress themes directory is taking a long while to approve anything.
I can only assume it is because of the revamps they are doing to the directory.

So if you really need Bootstrap 3.3.2 you can download the updated theme here

If for some reason my update doesn’t get approved I will let you know and provide a new file while the new version gets approved.
You can read about all the changes here.
In a nutshell we updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2 and Added Theme Support for ‘title-tag.’ DevDm Blog Changes.
As you can see in the navigation above we are changing some things around here on the Blog.
I’ve been really working hard on a Theme project called Day and Night and I want to make it available to you guys.
It only makes sense to sell it here because I have the infrastructure already in place to do so.
There will be an official announcement of it shortly.

Take a peak at the Day and Night Demo/Documentation site and let me know what you think

I’ve also decided to move the blog to the root domain here as my front-end site hasn’t really done anything but sit there like a bump on a log.
While it was fun to have a little showcase playground it needs to go.
Leave a Comment.
7th December 2014 DevDmBootstrap3 Theme Update v1.50 Bootstrap 3.3.1.
, , , , , , Merry Christmas everyone.
I hope you are all going to have a nice Holiday Season with friends and family no matter what or where you are celebrating.
This theme update accomplished two tasks: I have updated all the Twitter Bootstrap core files to version 3.3.1.
I added some default search logic to the index.php.
(Reminder: You can always create your OWN search.php template file to display your search results but I wanted something there out of the box).

The child theme is also updated with the new LESS files from the 3.3.1 Bootstrap update

Note for Translations: With the included search results logic there is a NEW string of text to translate “Search Results.” I’ve updated the en_US.po and en_US.mo files to reflect this.
A big thank you to all of you for taking the time to give me feed back and participating in the forums with your tips and tricks.
4 Comments Next Page ».
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User’s Guide Sensor Channels 1x EMG

[email protected] Trigno™ Mini Sensor 2020-03-24T21:38:11-04:00 Trigno Mini Sensor.
Bridging physiology and technology .
The Trigno™ Mini is a wireless EMG sensor that is ideally suited for recording surface EMG on small and “difficult-to-isolate” muscles.
With a sensing head that measures only 25 mm x 12 mm x 7 mm.

The Trigno™ Mini Sensor can be used for a variety of small muscle applications

including physical therapy, rehabilitation sciences, sports science, ergonomics, and motor control.

Specifications Book a Demo Full Bandwidth EMG signal

Triaxial accelerometer .
Reduced noise, motion artifacts & crosstalk from nearby muscles.
User’s Guide Sensor Channels 1x EMG, up to 6x IMU Reference Type Dual on-board stabilizing reference Inter-Electrode Spacing 10 mm Size (Body) 27 x 46 x 13 mm Size (Head) 25 x 12 x 7 mm Mass 19 g Cable Length 8 in.
Operating Range 40 m in RF mode Host Dependent/unlimited datalogger Wireless Protocol -2.400-2.483 GHz ISM Band, Proprietary RF Protocol -BLE V4.2 EMG Bandwidths 10-850 Hz 20-450 Hz EMG Sampling Rate (Max) 4370 sa/sec Accelerometer Sampling Rate (Max) 963 sa/sec Gyroscope Sampling Rate (Max) 741 sa/sec Orientation Sampling Rate (Max) 222 sa/sec Sensor Resolution 16 bits EMG Baseline Noise (typical) 750 nV EMG Input Range 11 mV / 22 mV rti CMRR <-80 dB Battery Life Up to 8 hours Recharge Time (typical) 2.5 hours Inter-Sensor Latency < 1 sampling period EMG Analog Output Delay 48 ms Fixed ACC/Gyro Analog Output Delay 96 ms Fixed On-Board EMG Filter -Butterworth bandpass (40/80 dB/dec) -RMS Envelope Calculation (100 ms window) Real-Time IMU Orientation Filter Quaternions or RPY (selectable) Material Medical Grade Polycarbonate Seal and Protection UV-sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sensor & to enhance patient safety Patents Protected by one or more of the following Patents 6480731, 6238338, 6440067, 9351559, 8971983, EP1070479 Systems Integration Quote Request Contact Us Shop Supplies.