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We Are the Connected Learning Alliance.
We are educators, researchers and technology makers.
We believe that all young people deserve engaging learning and a vibrant future.
We harness the power of technology to help make this happen.
Will you join us.
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How Digital Divisions at School Impose Barriers to Connected Learning – and What We Can Do About It.
I am a believer in the power of connected learning .
As our team articulated in.

Read More Announcing a New Evaluation Toolkit for Youth-Serving Library Programs

The Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries team, comprised of researchers from.

Read More Mental Health in a Digital World

Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives .
For youth, that’s even.

Read More Coding as the New Latin

Can Code Clubs Provide a New Pathway for Low-Income Children and Help Close the Digital Divide?.
It’s the new Latin isn’t it.
It’s like, if you couldn’t read or write.

Read More Teens’ Social Media Use Isn’t the Problem

If you scan the news headlines for stories related to teenagers and social media ,.
Read More How Occupational Equity Programs Are Accelerating Impact During the Pandemic – Youth Media, Online Networks, and P2P Mobilization.
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown persistent problems of occupational equity and.

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Evaluating Library Programming.
This guide is designed to get you started with effective, easy to use, and accessible tools and strategies to approach program design, reflection, and evaluation from a connected learning perspective.
Read More Social Media and Youth Wellbeing: What We Know and Where We Could Go.
New report examining the relationship between teens’ technology use and mental health released Read Now The Connected Learning Research Network: Reflections on a Decade of Engaged Scholarship.
New report expands and revises key elements of the connected learning framework and the 2013 connected learning report Read Now Full STEAM Ahead at Los Angeles Public Library.
New case study describes the programming and assessment tools CCLL and library staff developed and used to support connected learning for youth Read Now YOUmedia at Harold Washington Library.
New case study from the Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries (CCLL) project: YOUmedia at Harold Washington Library Read Now 10th Anniversary Edition of HOMAGO book.
The tenth-anniversary edition of a foundational text in digital media and learning, examining new media practices that range from podcasting to online romantic breakups.

Read Now Rockwood Makerspace at Multnomah County Library

Read Now Influences on Occupational Identity in Adolescence: A Review of Research and Programs.
This report synthesizes research and programs centered on youth occupational identity—their vision of their future selves in the workforce, what they like to do, what they believe they are skilled at, and where they feel they belong.

Read Now The Studio at Anythink Libraries

Anythink is a leader in developing innovative, usable tools for evaluating learning, including the talkback boards described here.

Read Now Affinity Online: How Connection and Shared Interest Fuel Learning

New Book Explores How Online Affinity Networks Expand Learning and Opportunity for Youth.

Read Now The Digital Edge: How Black and Latino Youth Navigate Digital Inequality

New Book Examines How the Digital and Social-Media Lives of Low-Income Youth, Especially Youth of Color, Have Evolved Amidst Rapid Social and Technological Change.

Read Now Connected Resources

Institute of Play.
New Institute of Play page includes over a dozen downloadable resources to help you bring the power of play and design into the classroom.

More Reclaiming Digital Futures Report

New toolkit, and associated report, shares effective practices for equitable, youth-centered digital learning.
More Connected Learning in Libraries.
Libraries support connected learning by offering access to technology, learning resources, and expert guidance for young people to pursue their unique interests.

More Connected Learning in Teaching Practice

Join teachers and teacher educators who are applying the principles of connected learning to their teaching and educational design.
More Connected Civics.
“Connected civics” is civic and political engagement grounded in young people’s deeply felt interests and identities.
More Connected Courses.
Explore pedagogy and online developments that best support and broaden access to meaningful and engaged forms of education for independent learners everywhere.
More Connected Educators.
Howard Rheingold’s most relevant picks for learner agency, co-learning, making, 21st-century learners, networked publics, media literacy, civic engagement and pedagogy.
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